A Day of Beards...

Since starting the salon back in 2015, I have been so fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time and in turn, have met the most amazing people.

This was the case last year when I was styling hair at Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival and met those two legendary gents who introduced us to Barber's Choice Beard Oil and Moustache Wax... Brayden (the "Dark Bearded Man") and Jake (the "Red Bearded Man").

Not only have their oils been a fantastic addition to our product range in the salon, but this also meant that last year I had the honour of being asked to help out as a guest judge at Ballarat's Best Beard & Stache Competition.

Now... I have trimmed many a beard in my time and I certainly am an admirer of beards, however, to judge a beard competition I needed to LEARN about beard competitions.

Hello YouTube and episodes of "Whisker Wars".

Anyway, the competition was a success and I had an amazing day.

Fast-forward 12 months and we are now into the 2nd annual Ballarat's Best Beard & Stache Comp and again, I was lucky enough to be asked to come back as a judge. But this time, alongside comedy champs The Nelson Twins.

Today was the day. There was over 60 entrants, 4 categories and 3 winners from each.

Now what is involved in judging a beard? We have to score each participant from 1-10 on four different criteria in each category.

These criteria were a combination of colour, style, density, length, width, uniqueness, tidiness, etc, depending on whether the beard was competing in Manscaped (3" and under), Partial Beard, Moustache, or Full Beard Natural (the Holy Grail of beard comp categories).

Competition was stiff. Especially in the Full Beard category, which had over 30 entrants - all with EPIC beards!!!!

The trophies were absolute works of art too. As this event was a part of the Ballarat Heritage Weekend, they were handmade by the Sovereign Hill blacksmith, who did a truly incredible job!

Overall, the event was a huge success and I would truly love to thank the boys for having me!

Since today was a bit of a beard themed day, I thought it would be an opportune time to post some hand beard hints for those who may wish to get that facial hair going in time for next year's comp...

  • Be Patient - Everything worth doing in life requires time and patience... these are two things that are most definitely required when growing a beard. This is not the time to be impulsive or hasty!
  • Get Trims - Find a stylist/beard wrangler that you TRUST and have them keep your beard in check. Getting it shaped and keeping those ends in check may seem painful when all you want is a long beard, but I promise you - you will be better off for doing it!
  • Wash Regularly - Wash that beard. Not only does it catch food, but it can also cause some itching and dry skin underneath all of that facial hair canopy. You can get beard shampoos that will help alleviate this problem and soothe the skin below.
  • Oil. Oil. Oil. - I cannot recommend oiling your beard highly enough. We stock Barber's Choice. It is organic and locally made. Regular oiling helps condition and maintain the health of your beard, allowing you to help it reach it's full potential.
  • Comb It - Comb your beard and with a beard comb to help train it. This way you won't have as many issues getting it to sit how you like it.